Weight Training For Women Over 50

Weight training was traditionally reserved for young to middle aged men. However, with the passage of time, more and more women have started on various weight training programs. In fact, today you can find a program for weight training for women over 50.

It is impossible to overstate the benefits that come with weight training for women over 50. Even though most of the women are not looking to gain more muscle, the fact is that this kind of weight training will increase their bone density, balance and strength.

 No Extra Muscle

Most women are freaked out by weight training for women over 50. This is because they are of the view that it will build huge muscles for them. basically speaking, this weight training is designed in such a way that it will help you loss fat, increase strength and get more bone density. It also buffers against osteoporosis and some other lifestyle and age related afflictions.

Women produce testosterone but in lesser amounts as men. This is the main reason why weight training for women over 50 will not lead to the growth of big muscles. Instead, it will stimulate the growth of bones and improve you strength.

Breast Cancer Protection

The other amazing benefit that comes with the weight training for women over 50 is that it will go a long way in helping to protect you against cancer of the breast. The physical activity that is entailed by such weight training protects you against this cancer.

Along the same lines, women who have been diagnosed as having breast cancer are highly advised to engage in weight training for women over 50. This is even as the treatment is ongoing. The training will improve the quality of their lives without any adverse side effects. The weight training even reduces the risk that breast cancer will re- appear.

Weight Training and Menopause

Most women will be protected from such afflictions as osteoporosis and heart disease because of the estrogen that is produced in their bodies until they reach menopause. When this hormone starts to wane, cholesterol readings will start getting worse, the density of bones will decline and weight will rise.

If you have been very inactive for an extended period of time, then you can
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rest assured that the weight training for women over 50 programs are an excellent choice for you.  The exercise you will engage in will go a long way in improving your health. Scientific research even goes to show that weight training for women over 50 if very effective.

You need not concern yourself with the thought of running marathons, starting to build your body or any other unachievable feats. Just engage in the weight training for women over 50 and you will be better placed to deal with the declining estrogen rates in your body.

To come to a suitable conclusion, remember that life is what you make of it. if you want to be healthy, you have to exercise, eat well and take good care of your body and mental health. In the long run, weight training for women over 50 will prove to be very effective.


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